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Sharing innovation for sustainable development

Welcome to Ciptass Inovasi Sosial

We provide services in two main categories, namely community development governance services, and assistance services for achieving Green PROPER at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. It is a satisfaction for us if we succeed in meeting the expectations of our partners based on mutual trust, as well as encouraging an element of innovation to partners who work with us.


To convey trends and relationships in qualitative data through visual maps, charts, and models (word clouds).
To make sense of social behavioral and practice issues in terms of community involvement and development.
Focus to deliver capability, knowledge, and innovation toward the issues faced by the client.
A clear picture of what had been done and reaching something that is being the target of project.
To reach the client's satisfaction and loyalty, and trustworthiness is the main concern in engagement.
Focus outcome
Tailor solutions to the client's needs, we look at satisfaction as the most relevant buying behavior.


Consulting us freely
Communication with the user to identify the needs and the purpose of the work. If the needs are beyond our expertise, we will inform other providers.
Agreement of scope and budget
We send quotation to the user, if budget information out of constraint then the user can be possible to communicate us, we will consider based on the purpose of the client.
Execution of the project
We will inform the client about the work timeline, how to complete it and the progress of the work. If there is any adjustment for the work then the user can communicate with us.
Feedback from the user
Before we finish the work, feedback from users will be very valuable to us so that the content can be adjusted for validity.
Project deliverables
Project deliverables that are given to the user are the end result of the work and we have a common understanding.